A New Year Begins …

Well, it began several hours ago (or longer depending on where YOU live).  And how did I spend the first day of the new year?  Cleaning, doing laundry, reading blog posts, making dal for dinner.  You know, fun stuff.  (Well, making dal is fun in part because I use a slow-cooker.)

But perhaps the biggest, most important thing I did was close out all the Clemency novel-in-progress posts.  Remember, I said I was going to do this.  Now it remains for me to print the thing story and proceed with *reading, reviewing, editing, repeat from * until finished.

I do hope everyone has had a Happy New Year’s Eve and an even happier New Year’s Day.


26 thoughts on “A New Year Begins …

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    • Happy New Year, Pam! I meant to provide a link but I was in a bit of hurry. Very easy to make in a slow cooker (my favorite kind of cooking).

  2. Marie, happy new year!!! I’m so glad I got to read your story before you hid it! I love the way you phrased the work ahead as repeat from *!

  3. The first day of the year seems perfect for closing out the novel posts and turning attention to the next phase. And dal seems like a perfect accompaniment!

    I made a pot of chili…

  4. Same here, except collard greens, black-eyed peas and crispy cornbread made in a cast iron skillet. It has been a quiet New Year’s. I hope the year stays as calm as the day 🙂 Happy New Year!!!

  5. Your day was far more productive than mine 😉 I pretended to clean up after last night’s party, mainly drank tea and then walked home 🙂

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