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A Conversation With Kevin Brennan, Part Two

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Part One is here. MP. As the author of Fascination, is there something about the story that you particularly like?  Is there a part of the story, or an element of it, that you…

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Only You Can Stop Kevin Brennan From Posting Trump Quotes

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I might be persuaded to stop posting Trump quotes on Friday if five people buy Fascination today. It’s your call, citizens! “We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.”

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Thursday – A Little Personal- Last Call for Volunteers

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? One step is closer to publishing Our Justice. I am waiting for the paper proof so that I can finalize the Paper version. I have decided to put both the e-book and paper version…

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Fascination launch! Buy for as low as $3.99

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It’s Fascination’s birthday! Help me celebrate by buying a copy, won’t you? Below are three PayPal buttons. You get to decide how much you want to pay for this book, so pick one and…

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Fascination sample pdf — 🆓

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Click for pdf As promised, today you can download the first chunk of pages from my new novel, Fascination. It features a couple of photos, which run through the whole text, so when you…

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Blurb your enthusiasm

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Fascination is a curious little book, and I wouldn’t want you to buy a copy without knowing what you’re getting yourself into. It’s part picaresque, part morality play, and it covers plenty of territory…

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Cover reveal ~ Fascination

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Kevin Brennan is coming out with a fascinating new novel in a fascinating new way. Check out his fascinating cover! And the title of the new novel is … (drum roll) … Fascination! If the novel is anything like it’s … Continue reading

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