A Conversation With Kevin Brennan, Part Two

This is Part 2 of Mark Paxson’s conversation with Kevin Brennan, author of the newly released (by himself) novel, Fascination. I’m reblogging this post because of something Mark says about Fascination: “In some respects, Fascination is a story that a reader who is looking for light entertainment could enjoy at the same time a reader who is looking for something deeper also could enjoy.” I’m reading Fascination now and, as with ALL of Kevin’s novels, there are layers and layers and layers to the story. If you’re into layers, then order a copy from Kevin and dig in. If you’re not into layers, then order a copy because you can race through with Clive and Sally and enjoy the ride. As for me, I’m digging in.

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Part One is here.

MP. As the author of Fascination, is there something about the story that you particularly like?  Is there a part of the story, or an element of it, that you think you got particularly right?

KB. It’s not always easy to be super-objective about your own work, but in this book I like the overall tone most of all. I set out to write something in the mode of, say, Tom Robbins (without trying to imitate him, of course), but I wasn’t sure I could carry it all the way through a 300-page book. I hope readers think I succeeded!

I think the main thing I got right was telling a sprawling, convoluted, funny story that also gives the reader some interesting things to think about by the end. Ultimately, as the characters come to understand, the journey to heaven is heaven.

MP. It’s interesting…

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Only You Can Stop Kevin Brennan From Posting Trump Quotes

Please STOP Kevin Brennan from posting Trumpisms (aka Trump quotes)! If just five people buy his new novel, Fascination, today might be the last day his followers are “treated” to (yet another) quote by The Donald. But you have to ACT NOW! Am I being emphatic enough? Click on through to purchase a copy directly from the author himself. PLEASE!


Trump for President 3

I might be persuaded to stop posting Trump quotes on Friday if five people buy Fascination today.

It’s your call, citizens!

“We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.”

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Thursday – A Little Personal- Last Call for Volunteers

Last call, but not for alcohol. Something even better (seriously). Read on and sign up to participate in a blog tour of John Howell’s latest novel, Our Justice, featuring America’s favorite hero John Cannon!

Fiction Favorites

Our Justice

One step is closer to publishing Our Justice. I am waiting for the paper proof so that I can finalize the Paper version. I have decided to put both the e-book and paper version on a pre-sell basis.(My first time doing so)  A pre-sell will give folks time to get the message and book a copy in advance. The actual ship date will be October 1st, and I will be hitting “publish” on the 12th of September. Most of my media support starts on October 1st and the blog tours anytime after the 12th.

Speaking of blog tours, I want to thank everyone who volunteered. I have confirmed all of you and the material will arrive the 6th of September.

As I promised, I’m sending this one more reminder. If you would like to help out, please send an e-mail to me at johnhowell (dot) wave (at) gmail.com.

Thanks to…

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Fascination launch! Buy for as low as $3.99

It’s here! Kevin Brennan’s new novel Fascination is now available for purchase directly from Kevin Brennan! You know, my favorite Starbucks drink costs more than Fascination at the Be Nice level so consider being Nicest by purchasing Fascination for the cost of a Starbucks drink plus tip 🙂 The pleasure of reading Fascination (about 300 pages with pictures) will last a lot longer than a drink, I can guarantee that. Go forth and buy, buy, buy!


Cover small

It’s Fascination’s birthday! Help me celebrate by buying a copy, won’t you?

Below are three PayPal buttons. You get to decide how much you want to pay for this book, so pick one and you’ll be taken to your PayPal account for confirmation.

If you’d like to pay more than $5.99 for the book, email me at kevinbrennan520(at)gmail(dot)com and tell me the price. I’ll then zip you a PayPal invoice that you can pay online, and I’ll send the pdf file as soon as the transaction is official. Don’t forget: if you pay more than $5.99, you’ll get your name into the Fascination Hall of Fame in future editions of the book.

By the way, you’ll see that this is tied to the PayPal account for my editorial service, Indie-Scribable, so don’t be confused by the paperwork.

Since I inscribe each copy of the book to the buyer…

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Fascination sample pdf — 🆓

Read a sample of Kevin Brennan’s new novel Fascination … just click through to his post 🙂 The whole novel will be available starting Monday, August 8, 2016, directly from the author himself!


Cover smallClick for pdf

As promised, today you can download the first chunk of pages from my new novel, Fascination. It features a couple of photos, which run through the whole text, so when you buy this book you get something to look at every now and then — in addition to some high-quality prose, if I don’t say so myself.

Click the cover above to download the pdf. Or, hell, just click here if you don’t want to move your cursor.

In case you haven’t heard, the only way you can get Fascination is to purchase it directly from yours truly, starting Monday, 8.8.16. I personalize each copy. And if you have any trouble with the pdf file on your device, I’ll work with you to get it the way you want it.

How’s that for service?!

And don’t forget, you pay anything you want for Fascination, as long…

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Blurb your enthusiasm

Kevin Brennan knows how to blurb! Read on and then sign up for a copy of Brennan’s latest novel 🙂


Cover cropFascination is a curious little book, and I wouldn’t want you to buy a copy without knowing what you’re getting yourself into. It’s part picaresque, part morality play, and it covers plenty of territory across our great land. Route 66 looks like a cul de sac compared to the voyage of our heroes, Sally and Clive.

Stay tuned for a sample of the book tomorrow, and you’ll be able to land your own personalized copy on Monday.



It’s a road picture (with pictures)…

It’s the novel you buy straight from the author …

It’s a novel about self-realization and vengeance …

It’s a novel about the pointless journey of a grieving young widow — Sally Pavlou — and a lovestruck private investigator — Clive Bridle — looking for the dead man who done Sally wrong …

It’s a novel about postponing the inevitable and rushing to…

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Cover reveal ~ Fascination

Kevin Brennan is coming out with a fascinating new novel in a fascinating new way. Check out his fascinating cover! And the title of the new novel is … (drum roll) … Fascination! If the novel is anything like it’s book cover … well, it should be fun (and fascinating ;))


Cover small

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