4 Quick Ways To Write A #BookReview And Overcome Your Fears #MondayBlogs

To all you book lovers and readers out there: Heed Rosie Amber! Book reviews are the best way to promote your favorite indie author and they are NOT difficult to write! Consider Rosie’s tips for writing a book review and then go forth and write them 🙂

Rosie Amber

Authors WANT  Reviews

Make an Author's Day

Simple! How many times have you read pleas on social media for readers to write reviews? – Probably Loads.

Does the thought of writing a book review send you racing to the hills? – I can see plenty of you nodding in agreement.

WHAT holds you back?

Reading Soft edge

6 common replies:

I can’t write.

I can’t write paragraphs about a book.

I don’t know what to write.

I’m afraid of what people will think of my review.

I’m an author and don’t want a backlash on my own books.

I don’t have the time.

Let’s turn this around

I can’t write – I bet if you can read, you can write.

I can’t write paragraphs about a book – Good News, Amazon accepts one sentence reviews now as do many other sites.

I don’t know what to write – Ah! Quick Question – Why did you like or Dislike…

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Silence – OUT 30.7.16

I’m afraid to admit that I’ve neglected this young and very talented author for a while. Not intentionally, mind you, but the world, ah, the world … . I speak, of course, of J. S. Collyer. You should know her for the first two installments of her science fiction Orbit Series, Zero and Haven. If you don’t, then I recommend you correct that oversight … immediately. Her third and final installment will be available soon through Amazon: Silence. In fact, I believe you can pre-order at a discount. Go check it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed 🙂

J. S. Collyer Science Fiction Writer

Silence small

Silence, Book 3 in J S Collyer’s ‘Orbit Series’, out 30.7.16

Kaleb Hugo has been missing for a year. He disappeared without trace or explanation, but popular rumour is that he has abandoned his position and his family to join the revolutionist group Red Star, alleged to be gathering force in a new colony on Mars and set on a future ruled by a democratically-elected Orbit Alliance and not the militarised Service.

Ezekiel Webb, his former crewmate and best friend, has, on the face of it, taken little interest in Hugo’s fate, rumoured or otherwise. The two men have barely spoken in years and Webb has immersed himself in his new life in the Eclipse Division of the Service. He is captain of his own undercover unit and whilst the Service Commanders don’t always approve of his methods, his abilities cannot be questioned.

It is these abilities that the Special…

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The Stars in the Sky (Starlight Book Release)

For all you fans of Scotland, especially the Scotland of centuries ago, here’s some good news: Olivia Stocum has another novel!! Starlight is available now on Amazon! And, actually, if you’re a fan of historical romantic fiction in general, give yourself a treat and pick up any one (or two or more) of Olivia’s novels.

The Claymore and Surcoat

Today is the day!

After my whole family spent a week eating cereal for dinner and the laundry piled up, it’s finally the big day! My Highland books are always the hardest for me because I tend to get REALLY emotionally involved. Can’t help it. It’s SCOTLAND. I’ve dreamed about writing these novels since the first grade.

(Testing… 1…2…3…) Anyone manage to read this far? Awesome, now do me a huge favor and reblog this if you are a blogger or share this post on Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest.

Without further ado:

Starlight on Amazon.

Scotland 1608Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00023]Darcy looked at Graham for the first time in months, and realized that her memory had not done him justice. He was gold and bronze, perfect like a statue. His eyes were ice blue. They were eyes that could pierce a man’s resolve, and probably had many times. But not now. Now they…

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Thursday – A Little Personal – Our Justice Cover Reveal

Ah, here’s the cover for the latest in John W. Howell fictional thriller trilogy: Our Justice! The anticipated publication date is September first but if you can’t wait to read AND review Our Justice, go NOW to John’s blog and sign up for an advanced copy. Hurry because only the first 20 to email John will be the lucky ones 🙂

Fiction Favorites

As you know, I have been slowly plugging away at getting Our Justice, the last of the John J. Cannon Trilogy, ready for launch.

I am very pleased to reveal the e-book copy of the book cover. So without much fanfare, I give you Our Justice and John J. Cannon.

Our Justice

Our Justice Cover

I am now taking orders for Advanced Reading Copies. These are a copy of the edited and formatted book without a cover.  If you would like a copy, please e-mail me at johnhowell (dot) wave (at) gmail.com. Please indicate your preference of PDF, e-pub, or Mobi. Although I place no restrictions on the ARCs, it is hoped you will review the published book when you have finished it. The expected publication date is September first, and the copies will be available August first. I will send an ARC to the first Twenty, who e-mail me.

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Three days to save on Occasional Soulmates

And the sale begins! Get thee to Amazon and pick up a copy of Occasional Soulmates, Kevin Brennan’s different kind of chick lit novel, as in, it ain’t chick lit but indeed it has romance, heartbreak, great sex, heartbreak, and an ending you won’t expect but will embrace. Don’t take my word for it … get your own copy!


occasional_soulmates_ebook_coverClick cover to sample

Alrighty, the 99 cent sale is on, muchachos y muchachas. From now through Saturday, you can nail down your reading entertainment for the weekend and save three dollars while you’re at it.

If you’re new to my amiga, Sarah Phelan, and her offbeat take on love, both romantic and familial, here’s the scoop:

 When the thirty-eight-year-old San Francisco doctor meets her new patient, a handsome British expat with the unlikely name of Dylan Cakebread (and an uncanny resemblance to Jude Law), she’s convinced it’s the start of her own relationship novel. He’s an architect, no less — always a key piece of her most indulgent fantasies — and the heroine of a relationship novel always gets her fantasy man, right? Though their shaky start raises red flags that her oldest girlfriend, Jules, is quick to point out, Sarah can’t help it. She falls…

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Occasional Soulmates on sale later this week

Get ready, readers … Kevin Brennan’s novel Occasional Soulmates is going on sale. Only 99 cents from Thursday through Saturday! If you know me at all, you know I love Kevin’s writing and Occasional Soulmates is one of my favorites. So mark your calendar and get thee to Amazon on Thursday to pick up a copy!


occasional_soulmates_ebook_coverClick cover to sample

A quick note to bring you a heads up: this Thursday through Saturday you’ll be able to pick up a copy of my “chick lit, by a dude!” novel, Occasional Soulmates, for 99 cents. If you’re in the mood for a light yet poignant, funny yet heartening, quirky yet soulful story of love lost and found, look no further.

Said one reviewer: “If I had not known that the author was male, I would have assumed the opposite.” Another: “If you are looking for an intelligent romance with a lot of heart, then this is the book for you.” And another: “A sure writer handles love and consequences with gentleness and an unflinching vision.”


It’s been a while since I promoted good ol’ Soulmates, so take advantage of this rare opportunity!

Don’t worry … I’ll remind you on Thursday.

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Living in the Moment: Mashes Sands and … more fiddler crabs #nature #fiddler crabs

This is “Part 2” of our day in the fun and sun and sand and water, and frolicking with fiddler crabs.  Part 1 was spent at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, which was supposed to be a quick trip to check out some time lapse filming opportunities for my husband.  A ranger at the Refuge recommended that we go to Mashes Sands Beach if we also wanted to see horseshoe crabs.  The beach is a fairly recent acquisition to the park service.  We had been there years ago when we took a coastal ecosystems class with Anne Rudloe (RIP) so we were game to visit the area again.

Look! A sign!

Look! A sign!

And look!  Fiddler crabs!  I’ve been playing around with the time lapse function on my iPhone.  I had to film for a number of minutes just to get this 8-second video.  I have much to learn …

Time Lapse–Fiddler Crabs at Mashes Sands from Marie Bailey on Vimeo.



Look, a boardwalk!

I love boardwalks, especially in nature areas.  They are a wonderful way to avoid upsetting the natural environment while still allowing the visitor to feel part of that environment.

And boardwalks are also good for fishing …

A view of the boardwalk which gives me a sense of liminality.

A view of the boardwalk which gives me a sense of liminality.

What is liminality, you ask?  Well, my friend Luanne Castle at Writer Site can explain it better (and more poetically too):  “The place of change where you are different at one end than you were at the other.”  Perhaps that’s another reason I like boardwalks.  You enter at one end and exit at the other, or, in the case of this particular boardwalk, you just turn around and leave the way you came.  And thanks to the view, the opportunity to gaze into the depths of the bay without getting in it, I did feel a little different exiting the boardwalk than when I entered it.

Lots of shallow water.

Lots of shallow water.  Perhaps some liminality here too with the contrast between the burnished shallow water and the deep blue of the deeps.


Squint and you might see a white egret.

Squint and you might see a white egret.

After the boardwalk, we decided to explore the beach, travel its edges on a long way back to our car.  We removed our sneakers and socks and rolled up our pants so we could wade through the warm bay waters and find creatures like this little guy.

A baby horseshoe crab ...

A baby horseshoe crab …

And with my husband's foot for perspective :-)

And with my husband’s foot for perspective …


An inland storm.

Looking back, we can see a storm is brewing inland.

I’ve lived in this part of Florida for over 25 years now and I’ve often seen pine trees near salt water.  This dead tree in the next photo is different.  It’s not near salt water.  It’s in it.  Over the years the bay waters have steadily encroached on the land where the tree once thrived (aka “nuisance flooding“).

Dead tree ahead ... Wait, a tree at a beach?

Dead tree ahead … Wait, a tree at a beach?


I dedicate this dead tree to Florida's Governor Rick Scott who has unofficially banned the phrase "climate change" from state agency documents. You know, pine trees and salt water don't really go together.

I dedicate this dead tree to Florida’s Governor Rick Scott who has unofficially banned the phrases “climate change”, “global warming,” and “sustainability” from state agency documents.


Was once a great tree, no doubt.

This here was once a great tree, no doubt.

Raccoon crabs!

Now it provides shelter for crabs!  Nothing goes to waste in Nature.

Another day well spent!

Another day well spent!

Call it what you want, sea level rising is a real deal in Florida, but I’m trying to look on the bright side.  If we stay here, maybe we’ll eventually have that beachfront property we always wanted … without having to move.

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