“Town Father, Or, Where Graceful Girls Abound” is LIVE

Kevin Brennan’s latest novel, Town Father, is NOW available on Amazon! And the best part is, it is available in paperback with an gorgeous cover! Sigh, eye candy for readers 🙂 Don’t waste time. Go get yourself a copy. I’m on my way now 🙂


Front cover smallClick the purty image to buy

Unexpectedly, Town Father has shown up on Amazon and can be purchased in paperback today. I thought for sure it would take two or three days to appear, but CreateSpace and Amazon have become remarkably efficient. Like all Death Stars.

But all the better! You can get your own copy of this fine edition right away.

And my goodness, but doesn’t it look scrumptious? I know, I’m biased, but I think Max Scratchmann outdid himself on the cover image and interior. It’s a real beauty. Matter of fact, if I were to smuggle a copy into a bookstore and plop it on the front fiction table, nobody could possibly tell that it wasn’t published by one of the top traditional houses. One thing I’m thinking of doing, marketing-wise, is to send copies to some of the better-known indie stores out there with a pitch…

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Town Father cover reveal and sneak peek

Check out this great cover and blurb for Kevin Brennan’s forthcoming new novel!


Front cover smallClick image for a free pdf of Chapter 1

In advance of the paperback’s release, I thought you might like a little look-see at Max Scratchmann’s remarkable cover for Town Father, Or, Where Graceful Girls Abound, along with a bit of teaser text.

Be sure to tell all your friends. Don’t forget, word of mouth is literature’s best lubricant.


A Town of Nothing But Fallen Women?

                          Utopia or Ill-fated Experiment?

                                                         Scandal in the Foothills!

Three hundred independent-minded women in 1880s California have embarked on an impossible journey: to establish a town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada composed exclusively of women. The only way for the singular town of Hestia to succeed, though, is for a second generation of residents to come along, and the women imagine there must be, somewhere in the country, a benign and willing gentleman who can help them. In short…

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Country Roads #MondayBlogs #gladtobehome

Ah, yes, I’m back, dear Reader.  Back to my home, my blog, my blogging friends who were (and are) never far from my mind, my furry four-legged friends who I don’t think really missed us as much as they missed getting more than two meals a day.  Then again, they might have missed our laps since our temperatures are a bit cooler these days.  This picture isn’t very good, taken with my camera in poor light:  Junior, our feisty, “I just wanna be outdoors all day”, male cat sacked out on my legs once the temperatures dipped toward the 60s.  Yes, dear Reader.  Our southern cats cannot abide the cold.


Junior crashed out on my legs.

We had a lovely trip overall.  Aside from a bit of rain at the beginning, we had clear, sunny days for driving up to north NY, to visit my family.  We gave ourselves plenty of time to drive so we had some flexibility with our itinerary, allowing us to make a detour to Gettysburg, PA, and to switch hotels at nearly the last minute when one day we realized we could drive further than originally intended.

I learned how to swim with whales, except these were land whales, or you might call them semi-trucks.  On interstate 81 there often were more trucks than cars.  Many times we found ourselves between two trucks with one truck cruising along side us on the two-lane road.  It was … interesting.

We had only one rainy day in New York, but we were visiting relatives so that was fine.  We spent time with my mother, who will be 92 this month, her remaining siblings, my sister and her husband, and two-thirds of their brood.

I met up with an old high school friend, someone I hadn’t seen or talked to in almost 40 years.  It was to be a quick visit but, four hours later, we still had plenty we wanted to say and learn about each other.  It was hard to say good-bye.

And much of the trip was filled with eye candy.  Autumn is my most favorite season, but often when we’ve gone home, it’s been in summer or late fall, after the colors have started to fade.  Our timing this time was perfect.  It wasn’t riotous reds and oranges all the way, but that was part of the fun.  We got to see some of the transition.  Each day we drove off from my sister’s house, another tree was starting to turn.

Believe it or not, I took very few pictures.  I was too busy enjoying the sights and often too busy driving anyway.  My husband, however, took this “movie” of our drive away from Saratoga Springs where we had just spent the afternoon.  Unfortunately, the movie is rather pixelated since it was taken with his iPad.  But you get the idea of what we saw.

And, finally, a song that always makes me think of where I grew up …

Musical Monday #MondayBlogs #WillieNelson

I know I must be having a great time on my trip.  I’m looking forward to telling you all about it when I return.  In the meantime, here’s one my favorites.  And it’s particularly appropriate for this particular trip.

Comments are closed until I return 🙂

Musical Monday #MondayBlogs #willyoumissmewhenimgone

Hello, dear Reader, I am now officially on hiatus.  I know I will miss you.  Will you miss me?

Yes, that’s a trick question and a good reason for comments to be closed 🙂

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