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A Musical Monday #MondayBlogs #music

Two powerful voices.  Two powerhouses of music.  Two singers I’ve enjoyed (and still enjoy) for the greater part of my life.  I give you … Aretha Franklin and Tony Bennett. Your regular programming may or may not return next week.  … Continue reading

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To Be Continued …

Hello, dear Reader, and you may wonder what the heck the title of my post can possibly mean.  Well, I have a confession explanation.  I don’t have a post to post today.  I’ve spent the weekend working on a course … Continue reading

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Living in the Moment: A Mini-Grand Canyon #MondayBlogs #nature

Good morning, Dear Reader.  Well, it’s  morning here and it’s probably morning somewhere else, so “Good morning” even if it’s afternoon or evening or the witching hour where you are now reading this.  I hate to split hairs, especially my … Continue reading

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The Grass Sweeper God by Doug Howery Virtual Book Tour

Interview with the Author, Doug Howery (Courtesy of Susan Barton, My Book Tour/eBook Review Gal) Your mother committed suicide in 1982. How did this affect the story? How did this affect you? My mother’s suicide is the catalyst for the … Continue reading

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Asking for Forgiveness: A Memoir #memoir #MondayBlogs

Yesterday would have been my father’s 96th birthday. He died in his sleep in November 1992.  The kind of death anyone would want.  At least at the end, someone (God?) cut him some slack.  You see, he hadn’t had an … Continue reading

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