Top Ten Things Not to do When Bowling, Golfing, Playing Tennis or Eight Ball with Friends

Here is the 39th installment of Ten Top Lists of What Not to Do by Marie Ann Bailey of 1WriteWay at and John W. Howell of Fiction Favorites at These lists are simu-published on our blogs each Monday. We hope you enjoy.
a sports with friends

10.  When playing sports with friends, do not laugh at a missed shot. If you do, at best, they may laugh at you in turn. At worst, you may be wearing an imbedded racket, club or bowling ball on your trip to the hospital.

9. When playing sports with friends, do not play doubles with your spouse as a partner. If you do, at best, you will have a small argument about the missed shot. At worst, you might just end up asking your friends for a marriage counselor recommendation before the game is over.

8.  When playing sports with friends, do not try to adjust the score to make your team look better. If you do, at best, you will get caught and look foolish. At worst, you may just win as a result of cheating and will need to atone for your indiscretion someday.

7.  When playing sports with friends, do not try to avoid paying your fair share of the expenses. If you do, at best, you will be eventually found out and will have to pay anyway. At worst, your friend s will figure out a way to stick you with a bill someday which will require a bank loan to cover.

6.  When playing sports with friend, do not purposefully try to outspend them on equipment and clothing. If you do, at best, your play quality will need to match your clothing and equipment price. At worst, your friends will come to some conclusion about your self-esteem which may or may not be accurate.

5.  When playing sports with friends, do not drink too much alcohol especially if you are playing mixed doubles. If you become over-served, at best, you may be the cause for the loss of the game. At worst, you may just lose all inhibitions and decide to tell your friends  and spouse what you really think of their playing ability, which will make for a quiet ride home and bad morning after.

4.  When playing sports with friends, do not come up with the idea to put money on the game. If you do, at best, you will only win a few dollars. At worst, you may lose a few friends.

3.  When playing sports with friends, do not set yourself up as the rule cop. If you do, at best, everyone will get tired of your reminders. At worst, you may find yourself gagged and tied up on the twelfth green with a note to the grounds keeper to let you go if you promise not to say anything more about rules.

2.  When playing sports with friends, do not be the one who decides which game to play. If you do, at best, you will be blamed if the events turn out badly. At worst, you might be forced into a role of peace keeper since everyone will assume the thing went badly because you suggested it.

1.  When playing sports with friends, try to remember the purpose of the game is to have fun. If you don’t, at best, you will be miserable. At worst, all those around you will be miserable as well and may not want to play with you anymore.

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Book Review: A Pleasantly Different Kind of Thriller

My GRL front cover

John W. Howell’s new novel, My GRL, is a pleasantly different kind of thriller.  The hero, John D. Cannon, lacks a few of the standard hero qualities that you might expect in a thriller novel.  He doesn’t seek out danger.  In fact, at one point, danger has  to literally run him off the road and onto the beach to get his attention.  Cannon is somewhat naive as well, especially when it comes to women.  He takes them at face value, trusting them in spite of all the red flags they wave in his face.  [Ahem, Mr. Cannon, when a woman tells you she had great fun infiltrating another company while pretending to be someone else, in effect, SPYING, you might want to put your trust in her on hold for a bit.]  Cannon is also one of the most polite, respectful, and well-adjusted heroes I’ve ever met, and he’s a lawyer to boot!  He also has a wry sense of humor which carried through the novel quite well.  (Some of my favorite lines:  “I get dressed and wait for the wheelchair which is the requisite mode of transport out of a hospital. (If you are still alive that is, if not, then it is a gurney.”; “I think he believes I have a good memory and no brains.”) (more…)

An Open Letter to Andra’s Feet

Never was there written a better ode to a poor pair of hard-worked feet. #ToLiveForeverbook

the ramblings

Dear Tired Tootsies,

Surely by now your only thought is “what the bleep is going on?” We’ve been excited to follow Andra’s adventures but little did we consider the carnage hidden beneath Andra’s socks. You are the unsung victims of the Natchez Trace.

Fugly Foot _2

Poor, poor fugly feet! We sympathize with your agony. You were dragged on this journey without being asked. Head, shoulders, knees and toes though . . . you had to know you wouldn’t get a say. You don’t even have a mouth.

We’re a little conflicted. On one foot, we are good friends and readers of Andra. On the other, we can’t help but be concerned your master is a monster. She gives you a lovely pedicure and then abuses you. She makes you walk 444 miles, with almost no rest, except for random days where she lies in a voluptuous bed while your blisters throb like…

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Come to Letum Wood… Brand new release by Katie Cross

Here is a truly entertaining announcement for Katie Cross’s new book, Miss Mabel’s School for Girls. All the info you need to pick up a copy of Katie’s is here. And while you’re at it, pick up one or two of Olivia Stocum’s books as well! How can you go wrong?

The Claymore and Surcoat

The absolutely awesome Katie cross has released her first novel, a YA fantasy, Miss Mabel’s School for Girls.

MMSFG_Logo_Only_325x220 (1)


Oh, go over there and buy it anyway!

It’s not like it’s the Zombie Apocalypse and you don’t have time to read because your too busy trying to stay alive. (or dead as the case may be)

Here’s what it looks like. So, you don’t mistake it for something else. (You know, something not nearly as cool that might disappoint you, then causing you to write your first ever one star review, that then has the author calling the police and having a restraining order put out against you. I mean, you wouldn’t want THAT, now would you?)

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Perfect pick me up

Just sharing a friend’s pick-me-up that was also a pick-me-up for me 🙂 The scarf in the photo was one that I had sent to Belinda a couple of weeks ago and yesterday I was on pins and needles (pun intended) as to whether it had arrived (taking a slow plane from Florida to Canada, of course). Soon after I asked her about the scarf, it arrived (such are my mental powers). But not only the scarf which I knitted for her, hoping it would bring a bit of Spring to her long Winter. Belinda also received a bundle of other gifts and she put together this wonderful photo, using her scarf as a frame. Belinda gave me a perfect and happy end to a long, frustrating day. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Belinda!

Beyond Eventide: Bound- “Aidrik” (Promo 3 of 6)

From Sarah M. Cradit, another teaser … I mean, promotion … for Beyond Eventide: Bound.

...and then there was Sarah

“The threads of fate weave slowly, until at last, an unbreakable knot.”

Beyond Eventide: Bound

The House of Crimson & Clover Book 2.5- Coming in April

Night, Moon And Dark Fortress

Aidrik knew Anasofiya’s tears were from a pain far deeper than anything physical she was experiencing. She was strong; very strong. Never complained once about the physical toll their son was taking on her, instead choosing to embrace the beauty, and promise, in the life she carried. All the while, this other thing, this malady Aidrik could not fix, consumed her.

Coming in April. Add to your Goodreads TBR list so you don’t miss it!

Need to get caught up on the House of Crimson & Clover?

Dive into the secretive, ancient, powerful world of the Deschanels and Sullivans…

St. Charles at Dusk
Set amidst the lush and vibrant backdrop of New Orleans, this is the story of Oz and Adrienne. Of…

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Let’s make a deal — Yesterday Road is on sale!

Take advantage of this sale if you haven’t already purchased Yesterday Road! It’s a wonderful novel about memory (or the lack of it), the desire to forget, and the urge to connect. The main characters–Jack, Joe, and Ida–will live with you long after you’ve finished the book, and you’ll be glad for that. So go on and pick up a copy!


Blue gorilla

I thought I’d tip off readers of the blog to a promotion that I’m running through April 7. Officially it starts on 4/1, with a listing on Ereader News Today and a few other daily lists, but I wanted all y’all to have a crack at it sooner than later — if you haven’t already bought the book, that is.

Grab it at Amazon here.

The other retail outlets are listed here, but I’m not sure when the price cut will appear at each of them. Amazon is already live.

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Happy Tolkien Reading Day!

For all you Tolkien fans! I know, you are legion and this post is so interesting!

Interesting Literature

Today is Tolkien Reading Day, an annual event launched in 2003 by the Tolkien Society. (The date of 25 March was chosen in honour of the fall of Sauron in the Third Age, year 3019, in Tolkien’s fiction.) The reading day promotes the use of Tolkien’s writing in schools and library groups, and is celebrated in numerous countries. To mark the occasion, we’ve put together ten of our favourite quotations from John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. The first quotation, about Beowulf, is especially timely because of the recent announcement that Tolkien’s translation of that epic poem is finally going to be published!

On Beowulf and myth: ‘The significance of a myth is not easily to be pinned on paper by analytical reasoning. It is at its best when it is presented by a poet who feels rather than makes explicit what his theme portends; who presents it incarnate in the world of history and geography, as our poet has done. Its defender…

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Book Review: Dreams of Love. A Poetry Collection by Pamela


Poetry is like art.  I know what I like when I see it, or in the case of a collection of poetry, Dreams of Love, when I read it.  It’s difficult to believe that Pamela has not been writing poetry for years, that she has only recently engaged in the art: Difficult because her poems are so well done, both in form and meaning.  She experiments in various forms, including etheree and tanka, and the poems coalesce to form what could be a short story, or a collection of stories.  Each poem meditates on love: the desire for it, the joy of it, or the heartbreak of it.  As I read these poems I imagined a couple first falling in love with all the newness and excitement that a new love brings.  Then discord:  he leaves her, or is she disillusioned with him?  Does it matter?  Only that the pain of separation is so clearly evoked.  But the collection ends with a bit of hope, with the last poem, “A Lover’s Spat.”  How often have any of us had “spats” with our loved ones that we thought surely were the end of the relationship, only to find that it was only an “unnecessary quarrel,” a “misunderstanding,” that “It’s all part of love.”  These poems read as if Pamela has been writing poetry for years, deep within herself, perhaps unknown to herself.  Fortunately for her readers, she is now publishing her poetry so we can all share in the pleasure of it.

I highly recommend this collection of poetry as well as Pamela’s poetry blog at  Enjoy!

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Beyond Eventide: Bound- “Anne” (Promo 2 of 6)

The second in a roll-out of promotions for Sarah M. Cradit’s House of Crimson and Clover series. This one is for Beyond Eventide: Bound.

...and then there was Sarah

“The threads of fate weave slowly, until at last, an unbreakable knot.”

Beyond Eventide: Bound

The House of Crimson & Clover Book 2.5- Coming in April

way in deep forest

Anne bit back her frustration. It was irrational for her to begrudge him the desires of his heart. But nothing felt rational standing in this abandoned, neglected mansion, miles and miles from home.

Coming in April. Add to your Goodreads TBR list so you don’t miss it!

Need to get caught up on the House of Crimson & Clover?

Dive into the secretive, ancient, powerful world of the Deschanels and Sullivans…

St. Charles at Dusk
Set amidst the lush and vibrant backdrop of New Orleans, this is the story of Oz and Adrienne. Of forbidden love, and startling heartbreak.

BOOK 0.5:
Beyond Dusk: Anne

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