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Ten Things Not To Do When Writing the Great American Novel

Since a lot of us share in the fantasy of becoming a world famous author, here is the Thirteenth installment of Ten Top Lists of What Not to Do by John W. Howell of Fiction Favorites at and Marie … Continue reading

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Inspirational posts now at the Rome Construction Crew’s new website!

Check out these two new inspirational posts–one by yours truly and the other by ever-thankful and always-awesome Pamela Beckford:  Consider becoming a member of the RCC and share your story of inspiration and motivation!

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Weekly prompt: angst and longing in poetic form

Originally posted on The Community Storyboard:
Weekly prompt: beginning tomorrow offer up your best poetic pieces with the theme of angst and longing. Any form of poetry is acceptable. To get things started, here is an offering from me:) Imaginings…

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Meet Finnegan. Second Character Promo from “The Illusions of Eventide”

Originally posted on …and then there was Sarah:
Meet Finn. The loyal, man of the sea, has finally found the love of his life. He is about to discover that happiness comes with a price. The Illusions of Eventide, book…

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Getting Real About Writer’s Burn Out and Social Media Demands

I have been going through what Cate has so neatly described in her post: I’m burned out. In my case, my day job has become more demanding which means: (1) I have less time during the work day to sneak-peak … Continue reading

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Check it out! The RCC is back and it’s awesome 🙂

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Writing Prompt: Autumn

My contribution to this week’s writing prompt–Autumn–at The Community Storyboard. Autumn Memories the air is crisp and seeps through my sweater and a flannel shirt to cool my skin the leaves are bursting into a riot of yellow, gold, orange, … Continue reading

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Friday Feature: An Interview With Jade Reyner

Welcome to an interview with Jade Reyner, author of Twelve Days: The Beginning.  Jade also has a blog, Jade’s Jungle, at where she takes you along on her “self-publishing safari”! M:  Jade, thank you so much for agreeing to … Continue reading

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The Druid asks the Questions – Marie Ann Bailey

Originally posted on The D/A Dialogues:
He flicked black hair from his eyes and straightened his bowtie. He could feel the heat rising from his collar and hoped he wasn’t blushing. Blushing would not be dignified. And he wanted…

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Literature and Martinis

Originally posted on Interesting Literature:
The great American wit and man of letters, H. L. Mencken, memorably described the martini as ‘the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet’. If the sonnet was the pinnacle of European cultural achievement,…

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