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Can Facebook please all its users all the time?

I’m starting to think that it’s not Sunday unless the New York Times has an article on Facebook.  This week’s story gives a pretty balanced view of the latest controversies with the young whipper-snapper, the absolute latest being Facebook’s lovely … Continue reading

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The Future of Writing

Want to see what the future holds for the writer?  Check out The Writer’s Guide to Making a Digital Living or its fun interactive companion, the New Writing Universe. The constellations are endless, giving hope to the discouraged writer.

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A Kick-Ass Tool for Writing

Here’s one of the side benefits of Twitter:  The discovery of writing tools proven to do what they profess to do:  get you and keep you writing.  (Is it OK to have two colons in one sentence?)  Check out Dr … Continue reading

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Intelligent Tweeting

As a Twitter newbie, the blog posts catching my eye these days are the ones about how to use Twitter efficiently.  I have enough social networking drains on my time as it is (Mafia Wars in Facebook, anyone?).  But my … Continue reading

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Tweety Bird

My good friends at ShesConnected set me up with a Twitter account, and I’m hooked.  I now have absolutely no excuse not to be up-to-date on all that is happening in the writing and publishing world.  [I’m not sure (yet) … Continue reading

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Smash your words

As tweeted about by Maria Schneider, is encouraging authors to “give away 50%” of their books.  What this means, literally, is that for many of the books offered on, the reader can read about half of the book … Continue reading

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