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Yet Another Glass Ceiling

We have finally arrived at a point in our maturity as a society that a woman could at least be a serious contender for the presidency.  Women of my generation have had the satisfaction of seeing glass ceilings shattered, from … Continue reading

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Interminable Writing

I know that good writing can make me laugh, and I got more than a few chuckles over at The Interminable Writer.  The blog won my heart with this quote: “Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but … Continue reading

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What does “MFA” stand for?

Fellow blogger Chicklit provides this link to a great story by Margo Rabb, published in All-Story.  Rabb provides a funny and insightful perspective on MFA programs.  I’ve always had mixed feelings about MFA programs:  sometimes I want to enroll in … Continue reading

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A new gig and other things

Last week I started a new job.  Well, more like a new old job.  I’ve taken a position as a survey coordinator with a former employer.  I have the distinct pleasure of working again with a group of people that … Continue reading

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Using Writing to Mentor Students in an Online Course

For several semesters I’ve had the privilege of working as a teaching assistant (TA), or online mentor, for a distance-learning Master in Social Work (MSW) program. My primary duty as a mentor is to monitor and provide feedback for the … Continue reading

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Setting Deadlines for Writing

Karen Zara, guest blogger at the Writer’s Resource Center, has a lively post on why deadlines may be almost as good as money to spur your writing. Yes, indeed, she makes a compelling argument for how deadlines can determine whether … Continue reading

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