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For your listening pleasure

Here are some of my favorite podcasts–they are all free and available through iTunes. The Classic Tales: B.J. Harrison has a wonderful reading voice, and so far I’ve enjoyed listening to his renditions of Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness and … Continue reading

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Use Podcasts to Generate Sales

While this might not work for everyone, apparently a few authors are finding that giving away free podiobooks and/or e-books can generate sales for the print versions of their books. Check on this post on Writer’s Blog about Scott Sigler’s … Continue reading

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The strangely insular world of blogging

This Sunday, The New York Times published an article by Emily Gould, once-upon-a-time blog editor for Gawker Media. Emily is a woman in her late twenties who has had the great fortune to work in the field of publishing. After … Continue reading

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Blogging is fun!

My most favorite blogger, John Hewitt, has a delightful post about why he loves blogging more than freelancing. He gives five reasons: (1) he doesn’t have to send out query letters; (2) he can write about whatever he wants; (3) … Continue reading

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The debate on self-publishing continues

Georganna Hancock of A Writer’s Edge has an interesting post on what’s wrong with self-publishing. She makes some good points, noting that some self-published books lack quality in both writing and book design. Of course, I took exception to her … Continue reading

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Feedback from Self-Published Authors

This Sunday’s New York Times has a couple of interesting letters in the Book Review section, responding to Rachel Donadio’s essay of on POD publishing. Maryann McFadden and Daryl Pebbles (AKA Hutton Hayes) are published authors. Click here to read … Continue reading

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More on POD–correction

This just in from Mr. Orr regarding his website, POD Book Reviews & More: “As of 4/1/08, iUBR was opened up to submissions from most POD imprints. I could never have handled the volume alone, but five additional reviewers were … Continue reading

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More on POD

Remember my rank about self-published authors needing book reviewers in order to gain legitimacy? Well, one such reviewer just contacted me! Floyd M. Orr , a self-published author himself, offers to read and review iUniverse publications at his website, POD … Continue reading

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Face lift and added functionality among other things

I decided I needed a little more color in my life so I changed “themes” yesterday. I hope to add some “texture” eventually as I learn how to edit CSS so I can add background images. Although I really liked … Continue reading

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All Things Ebooks

A website after my own heart?  I could spend hours on Ebook Crossroads without exhausting all the information that it has to offer.  The site claims to be the “One-stop Resource for eBook Writing and Publishing,” and it may well … Continue reading

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