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Well, March is nearly over and I have zero hours toward editing my (Great American) horror novel. Initially, I felt shame for having publicized my intent to edit, only to be totally distracted by other (frankly, more important) things. But I got over it–the shame that is. And this “blog” needs to be more focused on writing and editing resources, its original intent. I have found some really good blogs on writing and editing that I’ll review and post here. Also, podcasts! I am an audiophile and frequently scour through the iTunes store for podcasts about or of books and stories. It’s a brave, new, fun world out there for those of us who love to listen to stories.

How do you define procrastination?

So I’m supposed to be editing my great novel … BUT first I had to tie up some loose ends … literally. Saturday I spent most of the day catching up on bills, and then my hubby and I had to go shopping (interior house paint and groceries with a late lunch in-between). On Sunday I had a backlog of mending to do with my newest sewing machine, the Janome 720 (it’s so cute!), and I had to read the New York Times Sunday edition, and I also had to straighten up my home office. Then this evening I decided I better submit one of my latest stories while I still had some nerve to do it. Tomorrow I have another short story that I need to finish and send to my mentor (yes, I pay someone to be my writing mentor and we are on a schedule). And I did have to go to work at my day job and give some time to my part-time job as an online teaching assistant. I mean, these are things I have to do no matter what … well, maybe I could have skipped the Times and just put away my sewing machine (out of sight, out of mind but then my yoga pants would still be way too long!).

Give me some credit, though, for reading the first three chapters of Self-Editing for the Fiction Writer … although now that I know what I’m up against …

But tomorrow is another day and the month is still young!

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