Soul Asylum – Runaway Train [MTV Unplugged]

At the risk of depressing everyone around me … this song won’t leave my head.  It takes me back to my teens when almost all I ever thought about was running away.  Problem was that I lived in the country, and running away would likely result in my dying of exposure in the woods or an open field.  When I was very little, I did run away … to my neighbor’s house.  I think my mother found it amusing in a way (like, “really, Marie, how can I take you seriously when you just crossed the yard, but then you’re only six”).

But this time of year, I tend to reflect on my place in the world and the fact that, even as an adult approaching her “golden years,” sometimes I still want to run away.  I do often wonder “how did I get so jaded.”

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  1. It’s definitely a song that grips you.


  2. I want to run away every other day, but then the adult in me slaps me back to life :(

    I remember “running away” when I was about 5 – I had my little suitcase packed full of books and it was too heavy to carry so I asked my mom to carry it for me. I made it all the way to the end of the driveway


    • Okay, you’ve bested my story :) I at least made to my neighbor’s house, which was literally just a few yards away :) And I already spent a lot of time there so it really didn’t count as running away, but my mom gave me the benefit of the doubt :)


  3. We all think of running sometimes. Then the real situation comes into focus and we wait for vacation or that glass of wine.


  4. I’ve never thought about running away, but driving into work this morning I witnessed major road rage. One car was definitely trying to run away from the maniac driving a blue work van…it was crazy.


    • That’s enough to make me want to try telecommuting. Really, it’s just too dangerous out there sometimes ;)


  5. I think it’s called “life”? — something like that…

    But there’s something oddly uplifting about the chord progression in this song. Not sure what it is. Hints at “it gets better.”


    • Just was in a blue mood this morning … changes going on at my job that don’t make me happy and running away, even at my age, seems like an antidote. All that aside, yes, there still is something hopeful about the song, at least the music. I always wonder about “sad” songs that make me want to dance.


  6. Thinking of running myself at the moment so I know how you feel! Think we all have days like this! Chin up ;)


  7. I don’t think the desire to run away is necessarily a jaded one. I think there’s a certain romanticism of just “leaving it all behind” and starting a new life. I used to fantasize about running away all the time when I was really young (around 7 or so). It wasn’t because I was unhappy, but because the fantasies I played out in my head were super awesome. :)

    Anyway, hope you get out of your funk. Sending you virtual hugs. :)


    • Thanks, Sara! Yes, most of my childhood fantasies of running away were more a desire to grow up and be independent. Sometimes I think I haven’t outgrown those fantasies :) I appreciate the hugs!


  8. I spent most of my childhood running away, and the first my parents learned of it was when I returned to graciously grant them one more chance (usually accompanied by an in depth airing of my grievances). I once told my dad that I was not only leaving myself, but, for reasons that escape me now, was taking one of my brothers with me. My dad offered me £5 if I took them both.


  9. I love this song! And I can definitely relate to the desire to run away… Been there, done that, came back ;) I first tried to run away when I was… not sure how old, but younger than 1st grade. I packed a little suitcase, my brother caught me and offered to drive me “to Mexico” because that was the furthest away I’d ever been. He was probably about 12 at the time but he got my Mom’s keys and drove me all the way down the road before I burst into tears.


    • I can see you running away and your brother trying to help you … giving what I’ve read about your family on your blog :) What a great story!


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