July Camp NaNoWriMo


Hello, my fellow bloggers and blogettes! As many of you know, I am again throwing caution to the wind and entering another Camp NaNoWriMo writing challenge! I did one in April and was successful. That is, I reached my goal of 50 thousand words and actually had a beginning, middle, and end to the novel I was working on. Whether the novel is successful (i.e., readable) is another issue.

Because I’ve made this commitment (and I know a number of you probably think I should be committed), my presence in the blogosphere will be spotty over the next 30 days. Not only have I challenged myself with another 50 thousand words, but I have cabin mates this time. My dear friend, Patti Hall over at 1WritePlace, is a cabin mate. She and a few other mates are already ahead of me in word count and it’s only been one effing day! (Of course, Patti’s snoring kept me up most of the night. I’ll either have to sleep outside or put a pillow over her head.)

Anyway, I digress (as usual … and that’s my secret to winning NaNoWriMos … I digress a lot). I won’t be going totally off the radar, but just wanted to give everyone notice in case you miss me. (And you ask, “how can I miss you if you won’t go away” …. one of my favorite songs from Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks).

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  1. Good luck. If you need to borrow a cup of words let me know.


  2. Good luck! Love the new profile pic by the way!


  3. Good luck! You and Green Embers inspired me – I joined too!!


    • Whoo-hoo! There may still be some room in our cabin. Check it out if you’re interested ;)


  4. Number one: you are nuts.
    Number two: ear plugs! (a pillow over my head? That would be good friend murder!)
    Number three: you have a life, I do not, so you get a break IMHO.
    Number four: it is too early for that music, but i tapped my toes to it anyway.
    Patti, now famous for my snores


    • Number one: Goes without saying.
      Number two: I’ve tried that. Ear plugs hurt my ears, but I’ll forgo the pillow treatment.
      Number three: No, I have a day job. There’s a difference between that and life ;)
      Number four: It’s never too early for Dan Hicks!
      Marie, now infamous for her insanity


  5. Reblogged this on THE WRITE PLACE and commented:
    My thoughts are: now I don’t have to write a blog today :>)


  6. oh, I reblogged this, of course :>)


  7. Good luck! The “readable”-ness can come later. I think it’s great you’re concentrating on writing to the finish!


    • Thank you! The only problem with leaving the “readable-ness” until later is that my writing isn’t often very readable :)


  8. Good Luck! I envy you, can’t handle writing under pressure to perform to meet even my own goals….I am such a wuss.


    • Don’t be hard on yourself :) I wish I didn’t need pressure to get my writing done …


  9. All the best! Hope you reach the wordage of your dreams :-)


  10. still struggling with cabin assignment – I hope to be there soon. Good luck!


  11. She’s right about Dan Hicks. But I don’t believe I’ve ever heard Patti snore and I’ve slept more than 2 or 3 nights with her.


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