Love: Lost and Found Blog Tour

Alone (double cinquain)

So incomplete
Gazing at the moonlight
Wondering just when you’ll be here
With me
To start our lives
Never to leave again
Becoming whole and not just half
As one

Pamela has written a second collection of love poems. Poetry is an expression from deep within the soul. It can be therapeutic and healing. It can bring out all the best or the worst in life. Her poetry comes from the heart, not the head. It is an outpouring of emotion and she exposes it to the reader in the pages. Love: Lost and Found contains over 90 poems representing over a dozen different forms of poetry. The poems span the angst and despair of love lost to the exhilaration and ecstasy of a deep abiding love.

Love: Lost and Found has already received a five star review that says

“Pamela Beckford writes with her heart as much as her mind. She makes me feel things when I read her work that usually stay buried beneath the surface. Her way of expressing emotions that usually aren’t captured for later evaluation is amazing.

I also enjoy that she uses a lot of different styles and forms of poetry in her collections, making the book varied and interesting. Some are shorter and some longer, but all of them carefully constructed. Her ability to say so much in so few words is a indication of her talent as a writer.

If you are looking for an excellent poetry book, look no further.”

Pamela’s other books have also garnered some great reviews and both are available on Kindle or paperback as well.

Season of Love (tanka)

First there is summer,
Followed by fall, winter, spring
But lest we forget
The season of love appears
Bringing hope for all lost souls

Top Ten Things Not to Do While Trying to Attract Other Authors to do a Top Ten List


Jump on over to John Howell’s Fiction Favorites and enjoy this week’s top ten list!

Originally posted on Fiction Favorites:

Here is the 55th installment of Ten Top Lists of What Not to Do. I decided to publish this list in case anyone wants to do a Top Ten you will at least know some thought has been put in how to behave. Of course, the person who needs to behave is ME. If you would like to guest post a list of your own, contact me at

Top Ten Things Not to Do While Trying to Lure Attract Other Authors to do a Top Ten List

10. If you are trying to attract other authors for a top ten-guest appearance, do not make them believe they will become rich and famous. If you do, at best they will overlook the one “like” and still speak to you. At worst, they could find a way to troll your blog for the rest of your life.

9.   If you…

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False Alarm and a Thousand Mea Culpas

Yesterday (Wednesday, July 16, 2014, to be exact and to be ever etched on my mind), I made a mistake.  And not just one mistake.  Actually, I made several.  And all of them in public.  Vis a vis my blog.

Mistake #1:  Multitasking.  I’ve never ever been good at multitasking.  In fact, I hate multitasking (my hatred of it in direct proportion to the current societal expectations that I will engage in it).  Yet, at work I do it all the time.  If I’m looking up, say, ICD-9 diagnosis codes on the internet, well, hell, I’ll just pop over to my personal email account for a quick look.

Mistake #2:  Checking my personal email at work, regardless of device.  At best, checking my email will distract me even more than I already am because I might find a message from a friend and so respond, and in the process of responding forget about the task I was supposed to be working on.  At worst, all I see is “junk” email and I get depressed.

Mistake #3:  Not paying attention (due to multitasking) to which email account I was logging into.  I was in the middle of writing a SQL query when a thought about my blog popped into my head and so, of course, I decided to take a quick look at my email.  Apparently, I logged into my email account with my blog name, forgetting that I actually have an email account with my blog name.  One that I have not checked in over a year.  Do you see where I am going with this?

Mistake #4:  Having a meltdown.  I can choose whether or not to have a meltdown.  It doesn’t always feel like I can choose, but I can.  When I saw the strange organization of my email account, lists of subscription emails that I thought I had turned off months ago, nothing in my Trash folder and everything on my Primary tab and Gmail acting like it’s a brand-new day in email management … I yielded to the usual anger and angst that I experience whenever I think technology is failing me.  Hence, the meltdown.

Mistake #5:  Making my meltdown public.  As I wrote in yesterday’s blog post (thank god I used my WP app on my iPad so I kept it (relatively) short), a little voice in the back of my head warned, “Don’t publish.  Don’t publish.”  I’ve written blog posts before that I’ve left in draft and either published much later or just deleted.  I could have done the same here.  I should have done the same.

If you’ve gotten this far, then you understand that my primary Gmail account (marieannbailey) is really okay.  Yes, it has those annoying tabs that really don’t help me in organizing (especially since sometimes Gmail forgets which tab a message should go to), but I had adapted.  And that change was a year ago.  What I saw yesterday was a different email account that I had forgotten about and so it was not yet organized.

When people started to comment on my blog and nobody complained of having the exact same problem, that’s when I slowly started to realize that I might have made a effing ass of myself.  Well, we should learn from our mistakes, right?  I thought about deleting yesterday’s post and just saying, “What?  Who me?  Meltdown in public?  Never!”  But if I could erase every mistake I’ve ever made, I’d never learn anything.

There is an upside to all this.  I’ve found a few things to be thankful for.  I have a friend who makes a point of being thankful for something, even when her day totally sucks.  You should check out her blog.  She’s a good example of how to find the positive in a world of negatives.

So, taking a cue from Pamela, here’s what I’m thankful for after making an effing ass of myself in public:

  • Yoga:  Wednesday night is Flow and Meditation class.  45 minutes of vigorous flow followed by 30 minutes of meditation.  I started class feeling angry with myself and ended with acceptance of myself.
  • Gmail:  I still don’t care for their email management, but at least it wasn’t Gmail that messed up, it was me.
  • My online friends:  I am most thankful for the wonderful friends I have here, and all of you who rallied support, offering me suggestions and/or empathy.  Because of you, I have some ideas for how to improve my email management.  I also suspect that you all are more forgiving of me than I am of myself.

So, false alarm.  Gmail is not challenging my sanity.  I’m perfectly capable of doing that to myself without any technological assistance.

Cheers and TGI(almost)F!

Meltdown Moment

Usually I don’t like to get too personal on my blog. I try to avoid writing in the heat of the moment. But here’s the thing: I’m trying to get organized. I’m trying to find a balance between my online and offline life. I am, in fact, trying to spend less time wasting time online. I want to make every minute I spend online to be at least a good quality minute, if not a great one.

So when I logged into my Gmail account a few minutes ago to quickly check my email, I found my inbox totally turned upside down. All my messages have been sorted by Category, not by date, which is what I am used to. I almost cried because unless I can quickly figure out how to reorganize my messages, it’s going to take a long, long time for me to sort through the mess.

Thank you, Gmail, for thinking I’m too stupid to know how best to organize my inbox!

It might be faster for me to just dump Gmail altogether. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading. I feel a little bit better now :)

Dreams of Love FREE for 3 days only


If you love poems about love, be sure to take advantage of this offer and get your copy of Dreams of Love today.

Originally posted on Poetry by Pamela:

For those of you who haven’t yet gotten Dreams of Love, it will be FREE starting tomorrow, July 17 (Thursday) and running through July 19 (Saturday). It’s your chance to read some heartfelt love poetry. There are several FIVE STAR reviews of Dreams of Love.

What are you waiting for? The price won’t get any lower ;-)

You can also get Love: Lost and Found for $.99

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A Different Kind of Book Review: Miss Mabel’s School for Girls by Katie Cross


The tea kettle began to whistle, it’s high-pitched steamy hiss making Lucy wince.  She was in charge tonight.  She was the one to hold forth, to represent all young women everywhere, as the Widows’ Book Club met again.  She wondered if they would find it amusing or impertinent, maybe even juvenile, calling their book club The Widows’ Book Club.  But they were all widows, she argued with herself.  Well, three of them. Read the full post »

Top Ten List of What Not to do When Creating a Top Ten List


The is the best Top Ten List ever! Join John in the “fun” and consider trying your hand at writing a top ten list.

Originally posted on Fiction Favorites:

Here is the 54th installment of Ten Top Lists of What Not to Do. I decided to publish this list in case anyone wants to do a Top Ten. If so, contact me at

Top Ten Things Not To Do While Creating Top Ten Lists

10. If you are creating a top ten list, do not wait until the last-minute before publication. If you do, at best you may have to go with nine. At worst, you might get stuck after two items which will lead to severe writer’s block which might transfer to your latest novel.

9. If you are creating a top ten list, do not ask your significant other how they like it. If you do, at best you might get an honest answer. At worst, you may find out your significant other and you have nothing what so ever in common and finally decide to…

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That scary void


If you like to swim (or not) and if you think there may be something in common between writing and swimming, check out Cinthia Ritchie’s post here.

Originally posted on Cinthia Ritchie:

It was dark, and there was no sound, no smell. When I opened my eyes all I could see were silver bubbles escaping from my mouth.

It was about 9 p.m. and I was swimming across DeLong Lake on a windy evening, the sky still light but overcast, the temperature, which had been close to 80 degrees earlier, cooling off so that the few people on shore wore jackets and baseball caps.

My goggles had fogged over and I could see nothing but the grey and choppy water, and my partner’s bright blue inflatable pack raft/boat. The waves were high enough that water splashed on my face and in my mouth. It was difficult to breathe and soon I lost all sense of where I was. I simply swam, my arms and legs moving through that cold water.

Yet when I opened my eyes on the underwater strokes, it was…

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Top Ten Things Not to Do When Writing with a Toddler Around


Check out the latest Top Ten List, this week written by Charles Yallowitz, author of the Legends of Windemere series. You can also read the list on Charles’ blog at!

Originally posted on Fiction Favorites:

This is the 53rd edition of What Not to Do. This week Charles Yallowitz famed Fantasy author of the Legends of Windemere series of Fantasy novels and blogger extraordinaire has authored the list. If you would like to join the fun e-mail me at  This list will appear on Legends of Windemere post as well as on Fiction Favorites.

Top Ten Things Not to do When Writing with a Toddler Around

10. If you are trying to write your book while supervising a hungry toddler, do not give them the entire box of their favorite cereal in lieu of cooking dinner. At best, they will scatter the contents of the box around the room and give you an hour of focused vacuuming to do during your break. At worst, their cereal will be high in sugar and you will spend the rest of the week gluing all of your…

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10 Great Quotations from Writers about Life


Another interesting post from Interesting Literature: writers’ quotes about life. My favorite is one by T.S. Eliot. It is the way I am trying to live my life now. What is your favorite, dear Reader? Do any of these quotes reflect the way you live your life, or wish you lived your life?

Originally posted on Interesting Literature:

You ask ‘What is life?’ That is the same as asking ‘What is a carrot?’ A carrot is a carrot and we know nothing more. – Anton Chekhov

Live all you can – it’s a mistake not to. It doesn’t so much matter what you do in particular, so long as you have your life. – Henry James

Life is always a tightrope or a feather bed. Give me the tightrope. – Edith Wharton

Life is a progress from want to want, not from enjoyment to enjoyment. – Samuel Johnson

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. – F. Scott Fitzgerald


In real life, the hardest aspect of the battle between good and evil is determining which is which. – George R. R. Martin

Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage. – Anaïs Nin

To do the useful thing, to say the courageous thing…

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