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Time is running out to participate in the Legends of Windemere Thunderclap campaign. It doesn’t cost a cent to participate. More importantly, you would be helping the one and only Charles Yallowitz, author of the high fantasy series Legends of Windemere! Go to Charles’s blog and click on that cute Capybara!

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Just a few more days for the Legends of Windemere Thunderclap campaign and I’ve been stuck at 74 for days.  I have until Saturday to get 26 more volunteers to make this a success.  I’ve tried tweets, Facebook posts, and WordPress posts.  For now, I’m doing this post and then one on Friday night.  After that, I’ll talk about my experience with this and give my Pro/Con opinion.  (At least after I’ve eaten since this campaign ends on Yom Kippur, Jewish Day of Fasting.)




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Top Ten Things Not to Do While Cooking Dinner


If you like to cook, and even if you don’t, today’s Top Ten list from John Howell is for you!

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Top Ten Things Not to Do While Cooking Dinner

This list was inspired by a mishap in the kitchen which was a result of not being fully engaged in the process. I hope you enjoy.

10 If you are cooking dinner do not walk away from that pot of water that refuses to boil. If you do, at best you will return to find a steam-filled kitchen. At worst, you will return to a completely dry pot which is now in the basement through the giant hole in the floor and the volunteer fire department captain writing up the citation.

9 If you are cooking dinner do not try to edit your novel at the same time. If you do, ay best you may find the word asparagus in your final proof. At worst you will not find the word asparagus in the final proof and will have to live…

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Sisters In Crime Blog Hop

The talented and versatile S. K. Nicholls (of Red Clay and Roses fame) has tagged me to participate in the Sisters in Crime Blog Hop.  Click here to see what Susan has to say about Sisters in Crime (SinC).  She’s pretty much convinced me that I should join this organization.  And why is that, you may ask?  Well, I know I tend to not join organizations because, to paraphrase Groucho Marx, I don’t like to belong to any club that would accept me as a member.  And yet …. Read the full post »

Sir Terry Pratchett’s Wisdom on Writing Courtesy of Cate Russell-Cole

Click on the following link to read and enjoy a serious of wonderful and inspiring quotes from Sir Pratchett: Sir Terry Pratchett’s Wisdom on Writing.

I’ve come rather late to the Sir Terry Pratchett party.  I’ve seen  him and his writing discussed on several blogs, but didn’t even have a clue what he wrote until a month ago.  Now I’m a huge fan of his.

First, some background.  I’m a fan of audiobooks.  Best. Thing. Ever.  I love listening to audiobooks while I walk or knit or commute.  If it weren’t for audiobooks, my imaginary worlds be far poorer.  I have a subscription to Audible.com and when preparing for my recent vacation, I was on the website casting about for some audiobook that could easily entertain or at least distract me if I had any down time, such as on the flights or in the late evening while knitting.  Snuff was on sale.  It sounded like a good old police procedural.  Yeah, even the novel’s description wasn’t enough to clue me in on the world I was about to enter.  And obviously I didn’t look close enough at the cover.

Snuff (Pratchett novel)

Snuff (Pratchett novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first evening I started listening, I was totally blown away:  dwarfs?  trolls? vampires? werewolves?  social commentary on discrimination against other … hmmm … not really people but let’s say, sentient beings? WTF?

What riotous fun Snuff was to listen to!  The narrator, Stephen Briggs, was wonderful, one of those great narrators who doesn’t resort to high-pitch whines when he reads the female characters.  Snuff was so amazing that I want to buy the book (eventually) since oftentimes I literally could not believe my ears at what I was hearing.

To anyone who is a long-time fan of Sir Pratchett’s, my apologies if I sound (as I am) like an idiot for not already knowing of him and all the great work he has done.  To top off my “discovery” of his work, I find that Sir Pratchett is not just an extraordinary writer, but an extraordinary human being.

You don’t have to enjoy fantasy (high or low) or police procedurals or supernatural/paranormal fiction to enjoy Sir Pratchett.  You just have to enjoy good writing, full of humor and heart.  Many thanks to Cate Russell-Cole for posting his quotes!


Won’t YOU buy Occasional Soulmates to save this innocent lil’ doggie?


This little doggie needs an Occasional Soulmate, as in someone to BUY the new novel by Kevin Brennan. Yip! Yip!

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This poor little guy is at risk. Please buy a copy of Occasional Soulmates today so his daddy remembers to feed him.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Canada

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Not Too Late to Give Your Support


Help high fantasy author, the genius of Legends of Windemere, Charles Yallowitz, reach his goal of 100 supporters on Thunderclap! It’s so easy. Just click on the cute purple dragon and sign up!

Originally posted on Legends of Windemere:

There’s still 11 days left to reach the goal of 100 supporters.  We’re at 44 and it’s been that way for the last 2 days.  So I ask again for people to click on the picture below and give their social media support for Legends of Windemere!

Also, please spread the word to others and let’s see if we can meet that October 4th goal.

By Kayla Matt

By Kayla Matt

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Occasional Soulmates — hot off the presses!


If you’ve been following my blog, you already have plenty of reason to buy Occasional Soulmates. While you’re at it, pick up Yesterday Road too. Both books are discounted for a short time only. You can’t lose!

Originally posted on WHAT THE HELL:

Occasional Soulmates is live, baby!

Get your ebook here ($3.99).

Get your paperback here (currently $8.99, regularly $9.99).

And don’t forget, for a little while longer, Yesterday Road is available for 99 cents. That means you can buy both Yesterday Road and Occasional Soulmates for under $5!

Here’s the UK listing, and here’s Amazon Canada. The rest of the world will have to do their own legwork.

Oh, and for you Nook and Kobo users, as I announced earlier, if you don’t want to buy the paperback, just purchase the ebook on Amazon and send your receipt to me at kevinbrennan520(at)gmail(dot)com. I will forward you a lovely EPUB edition you can read on your device.

Indie authors, as you well know, depend on the kindness of strangers (and even the not-so-strange) to help peddle their wares, so anything you can do to get some word-of-mouth going will…

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Book Review: Occasional Soulmates by Kevin Brennan


Wow! Another great review of Kevin Brennan’s new novel 😀

Originally posted on S.K. Nicholls:

I heard a great deal about Kevin Brennan’s writing talent, but had not read one of his books, yet. He offered ARCs to a few bloggers and I picked one up. I am telling you, I have really been missing something. This guy can write and write well! I am not such a fan of chicklit or romance, but this novel goes much deeper than that.

You can pick up Yesterday Road right now for the sale price of 99 cents. And while your at it, be sure to grab this one. You won’t be disappointed, I’m sure! You can get Occasional Soulmates in digital or paperback.

Book Review: Occasional Soulmates by Kevin Brennan

Dr. Sarah Phelan is creeping up on forty. Divorced and having given up on the .com method of securing a relationship, serendipity brings her a seemingly flawless specimen of a man, Dylan Cakebread. (Okay, nearly flawless.)…

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Occasional Soulmates by Kevin Brennan – Available Today – Review


Wonderful review of Kevin Brennan’s new novel!

Originally posted on Fiction Favorites:

a occasional soulmates

Kevin Brennan’s new book Occasional Soulmates launches today and I was very pleased to read this wonderful book. Here is my review (I know, I know I usually don’t do reviews on my blog, but this one is too good to pass up. You can get it  HERE.

Occasional Soulmates  by Kevin Brennan is the second book by this author I have read. The first is Yesterday Road a literary journey of a lifetime which I thoroughly enjoyed. Occasional Soulmates is also a literary masterpiece which I enjoyed even more. This is a story of Sarah a thirty-nine-year-old emergency room doctor who having been divorced is somewhat skeptical of entering another relationship. It is not because of being hurt or disillusioned about the first, but more about the idea of involvement and complications in her life. Her best friend and coach Jules has enough caution about relationships to sink any…

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I Made a Selfie with Kevin Brennan!

Photo on 9-22-14 at 7.24 PM

Well, sort of.  Actually, it’s a selfie of me with his new novel, Occasional Soulmates!  And since it’s a selfie, the title is backwards.  What did you expect from me?  Perfection?  I’m rusty, folks.

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