Top Ten Things Not To Do When Signing Up With an Online Dating Service

Here is the 42nd installment of Ten Top Lists of What Not to Do by Marie Ann Bailey of 1WriteWay at and John W. Howell of Fiction Favorites at These lists are simu-published on our blogs each Monday. We hope you enjoy.


10.  When signing up for an online dating service, do not use your old high school senior photo in your profile.  If you do, at best, your future dates might forgive you for being somewhat more overweight and wrinkled than your photo suggests.  At worst, you might get sued by future dates for emotional and psychological trauma especially those who thought they were going to date an 18 year old. Read the full post »

Off the Grid

Dear Reader, I will be away from my beloved blog for a few days, visiting family and having a bit of quality time with my husband.  I’ll be back before you know it.  In the meantime … thanks to a recent guest post on TwinDaddy’s Stuphblog by my favorite dilettante, Helena Hann-Basquiat, I’ve been reminded of my favorite Star Wars type movie.  I say “type” because I was never much of a Star Wars fan.  (Well, back in the day, I was very happy to plunk down a few dollars to watch a young Harrison Ford be sexy in a surly sort of way. Now, not so much.)  Anyhoo, for your viewing entertainment:


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#Search Engine Optimisation for #Indie Authors: How Far Should You Go?


A great post on SEO from Cate at CommuniCATE. If you don’t know what SEO is, read her post. If you do and think you should jump on the SEO bandwagon, read her post. Since I’ve read her post, I’ll just say I wish I did have an attic in which to write (at least, an attic not filled with fluffy insulation :) )

Originally posted on "CommuniCATE" Resources for Writers:

There are many bloggers out there who still don’t know what SEO is. That is and isn’t a good thing. SEO is Search Engine Optimisation and for best practice, it is supposed to have a very large say in how you write book titles, web pages and blog posts. (There is an infographic explaining it at the base of this page.) A great idea? Yes, if kept in balance. There is one major worry with getting too carried away with it: you stop writing as yourself and allow yourself to be told what to do by a robot. Think about it…

Digital computations determine how easy it is for us to have our books found on Amazon, our Page posts read on Facebook, our web site or blog found on Google… They are awfully frustrating and if you want to claw your way to…

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A Remarkable Woman: A Superflux of Compassion and Amazing Guts!


Here is a remarkable story and another book to add to your TBR tower.

Originally posted on Good People Doing Great Things:

kidney sellers cover

Some years ago bioethics professional Dr. Sigrid Fry-Revere had a harrowing experience with her six year old son. He developed kidney cancer. He might have very well needed a kidney transplant in the immediate future. And he might have died because he could not find a donor organ.

Believe it or not, there is a serious shortage of kidney and other organ donors in the US.

Fortunately her son is alive and well today, is now a hale and hearty 16 years-old, having survived this ordeal smashingly.

But this experience, the terror of it and the discovery of the drastic shortage of organ donors to meet a huge US need, people with failing organs of all kinds, seared and galvanized Sigrid Fry-Revere to research in incredible depth, not only the US organ donor system, but how other countries handle this need.

Profoundly surprising to her, she found that of all…

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Mid-April Update on The Writer’s Rebel Creed 2014

First, a long overdue update per The Writer’s Rebel Creed 2014.

Writer's Rebel Creed 2014full


Very quickly:

1.  Regular writing:  well, I tend to be an irregular writer.  Since my last update, I have a draft poem in one of my notebooks, a concept for a blog post, an as yet unpublished blog post, as well as my Monday jests with John W. Howell of Fiction Favorites.  None of this occurred by writing every day, but whatever.

2.  Belief in my abilities:  I’ll be struggling with that until the day I die, so let’s move on.

3.  Write something new:  Gee, I actually have something to say here.  I was invited to guest post on and wrote an essay on Children and Compassion.  I do like writing nonfiction and, actually, most of my blog is nonfiction :)  But I’ve never really tried to publish nonfiction.  Children and Compassion has made me feel a little more open to that.

4.  Marketing skills:  Huh?

5.  Give back to my writing community:  The most fun part of blogging is giving back.   I love promoting the work of other writers.  If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you know that.

6.  Support other writers:  The best way to support other writers is by buying their work and reviewing.  I’m pretty good about buying, but I’m a slow reader and so my reviews take a long time to emerge.  And I take reviews very seriously.  I could just say, “Hey, I loved this book.  It’s funny, sad, blah blah blah.”  As a reader, I need more than a review that is so general it could be applied to any book.  I want to know why the reader loved (or didn’t love) the book.  So I try to write the kind of reviews that I find the most useful.

OK, that’s it for now …  back to procrastinating :)


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We’re gonna need a bigger VOTE!


Now here’s a chance to vote where it may actually count!

Originally posted on What The Hell:


I learned last night that Yesterday Road is one of the twelve finalists in the literary category of Indie Author Land’s contest: The 50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading (2013/14). Now it’s time to vote for the winner in each category.

I need lots of help here, kids. There are a couple of formidable titles on the literary list, books that received many more nominations than mine did, but I think we can make a good showing if we each get just about everyone we know to vote. See, you get five votes in each category, and, diabolical fiend that I am, I’m assuming the counter sees each computer it tags with a cookie as a different person. So vote from home. Vote from work. Vote from your phone. Vote from your mom’s computer. We want an army of voters to put Yesterday Road over the top!

This is the page…

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Top Ten Things Not To Do When Attending the Opening Day of Baseball

Here is the 41st installment of Ten Top Lists of What Not to Do by Marie Ann Bailey of 1WriteWay at and John W. Howell of Fiction Favorites at These lists are simu-published on our blogs each Monday. We hope you enjoy.

a opening day

10.  When attending the opening day of baseball, do not dress like you would at the playoffs. If you do, at best, some Good Samaritan will loan you a coat. At worst, you might need to be treated for hypothermia, frostbite, or both.

9.  When attending the opening day of baseball, do not sit in an uncovered seat even if you consider yourself a bleacher bum. If you do, at best you might just get rained on. At worst, you will get caught under a ton of snow or hailstones and will require rescue by the ski patrol.

8. When attending the opening day of baseball, do not start a fire to keep warm. If you do, at best you’ll be pressed by a bunch of strangers all trying to get warm as well. At worst, the league just might present you with an invoice for $100M to replace the stadium which burned to the ground before the end of the game.

7.  When attending the opening day of baseball, do not think brandy will help keep away the cold. If you do, at best, you may only forget where you came in. At worst, you might see yourself on the nightly news being dragged off the field by several policemen while you yell “Hey ump, you blind?”

6.  When attending the opening day of baseball, do not think you can hide from your boss since you told a fib about where you would be. If you do, at best your boss will be in the next row and you’ll have to spend the entire game hunkered down and quiet so you don’t get his attention. At worst, it will be your luck to be featured as the fan of the day on the nightly news which your boss never misses.

5.  When attending the opening day of baseball, do not attend the game with anyone of the opposite sex without telling your significant other. If you do, at best you will run into a neighbor who will wonder who is with you which will remind you to text your significant other so there will be no unpleasant surprises when you get home. At worst, the giant gametron will catch you both sharing a laugh and will surround you with one of those annoying hearts demanding that you kiss which, if you do because you both indulged in the brandy of #7,  will be featured on the nightly news your partner never misses.

4.  When attending the opening day of baseball, as a company team building function, do not force everyone to join you in eating a bag of peanuts just because it is mentioned in the song. If you do, at best, you might have problems with co-workers at work the next day. At worst, you might be named in a class action suit by those who are grossly allergic to peanuts.

3.  When attending the opening day of baseball, do not bring a mitt thinking you will catch a ball. If you do, at best, people will think you’ve lost your mind. At worst, you may be the subject of an intervention by family members concerned with your ability to grasp reality unless you actually catch a ball.

2.  When attending the opening day of baseball, do not root against the home team. If you do, even if you like the visitors, at best you will have some grumpy people around you. At worst, you could find yourself wishing you had a warm towel to go with the ice cold beer on your head.

1.  When attending the opening day of baseball, do not think the players can’t hear your insults from the stands. If you do, at best you might get a classic gesture from one of the players that implies you should be mated.  At worst, you might encounter a phalanx of very big players in the parking lot all interested giving you a personal remembrance of the game in the form of a bruise.

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The Continuing Tale of Luisa

Now, I’m venturing outside my comfort zone here, especially since I didn’t bother to apply makeup or straighten my hair.  OMG, you’ll be seeing the REAL me!!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you ;)

The Paul Mallory Series by Stephen C. Spencer


Let’s show what a great community of writers and bloggers we are by supporting Operation Mallory, a project set up to help author Stephen C. Spencer who is battling cancer. Please read Rosie’s post for more details.  Or you can go directly to 90 Days Novel at

Originally posted on Rosie Amber:

Operation Mallory was set up to help a fellow author, Stephen C. Spencer has written some great books, but Steve also has cancer. He’s suffered with a brain tumour for a while, and kept it pretty quiet. The observant among you will notice he stopped blogging and tweeting.

All the authors who follow this blog will appreciate how hard it is getting your book noticed. If you can’t promote, then your books go unseen and unloved. For someone in the USA (where medical treatment isn’t paid for by the state), this is a double whammy. You lose income while incurring huge unexpected bills.

So I’m helping spread the word, here is a link to Sean Campbell’s blog where news of the campaign can be found 90 Days Novel. Please help all you can with re-blog, tweet etc.

Here’s a bit more about Steve’s books

Dubbed “America’s James Bond”, Paul Mallory…

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Happy Birthday to My Favorite Dilettante!

A little birdie (well, actually, a big birdie) told me that today is Helena Hann-Basquiat’s birthday!  And what better way to celebrate her birthday than by heading over to Amazon and picking up one or all of her recent publications:

Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One, available in both ebook and paperback.  I highly recommend the paperback.  The printed format is candy for the eyes.  If you are a fan of Helena’s blog (and how can you not be), then you will love having the adventures of Penny dammit, Countess of Arcadia and Helena all in one beautifully designed place.

Three Cigarettes, available as an ebook and only 99 cents.  By the way, I’ve read and reviewed Three Cigarettes and found it to be both thrilling and chilling.  Although Three Cigarettes was written by Jessica B. Bell, Helena was the editor.  More importantly, she is Jessica’s keeper and we do want to keep Jessica around.

Best Medicine, available as an ebook and only 99 cents.  Again, this one was written by Jessica but edited by Helena.  I don’t need to repeat myself here, do I?  I haven’t yet read Best Medicine but I do have a copy so a review will be forthcoming.  And I know I won’t be disappointed.

For even more fun, see that widget on my sidebar, the one that says “Honorary Dilettante Contest”?  Click on that, dear Readers, and prepare to participate in a truly fun contest.  I’m participating and you can see what I mean here.

Now get thee to Amazon!

And Happy Birthday, Helena!

[Disclaimer:  Nope, these are not my cats and this is not my video.  However, I have seen my cats Wendy and Junior engage in such behavior :)]


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